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Characters Fleshed Out
Rather than character's flesh
Her Felipe's Futures 
25th-Apr-2013 04:23 pm
Sympathy for Eric

There's spoilers out about who the HEA is on the net. What a perfect day for it too - it's ANZAC Day in Australia, which meant that I was home to read all about it, and my sons have friends over, so I can post at length. I'm going to talk about them in this post. Linkage and details under the cut. Don't venture under the cut if you don't want to be spoiled.

Now, bare in mind that I haven't actually read the book myself. I really don't put a lot of stock in spoilers unless they are official book bits from reputable sites, particularly hasty spoilers from excited fans. I remember when Dead in the Family came out, and I read about the end, where Eric gets beaten by Alexei. One of the spoilers swore that Eric shed a tear for Bobby's death. Bobby died, sure. But Eric shed a tear? Didn't even happen at all in that scene over anybody. He wasn't even crying. Bad reading comprehension for the win. As well as I've read through successive books that Sookie and Eric broke up at the end - and that didn't happen either. So if I haven't read the book, I don't trust people not to be wrong.

But, let's just get onto the spoiler of who the HEA is. LAST CHANCE TO TURN BACK.

Apparently, according to a reader from Germany, it's Sam. Which is fine with me. If Eric is going to be going to Oklahoma, with Freyda, then he just doesn't care enough as far as I'm concerned. And that's what the spoilers are also saying - that Eric has gone to Oklahoma and wants Sookie to be his mistress. In effect, he wants Sookie to do exactly the same as Hadley did. And thank GOD she turns him down, rather than repeating history. By the way - if those links go down, I have screenshots, so let me know if everything gets bahleeted, and I'll switch it out.

I do give a bit of a wry smile at same readers who have been swearing black and blue they're really into the books for Sookie, and that they support CH, but then when it turns out Eric is not the HEA, it's a different story. That's when it's all wrong and bad, and now is time to do the yearly ritual strip-tearing of CH. That's when the shipping comes out, and you find that they were happy to talk about Sookie as long as she was Eric's girlfriend. Heh. Quelle surprise, ladies! No one would ever be able to see through the whole "I care only about Sookie but talk solely about Eric" smokescreen. Totally just couldn't see through that one (!?!!). But it makes me a little happier when they also add that they won't read a series of hers again. Which means that when I pick up Midnight Pawn, I can be somewhat assured that romance readers won't, and thus won't harsh my buzz.

For that reason, I can't really fault CH at all. If people only care about the boyfriend of the heroine and ignore the book and the messages it contains itself, then that's a big fucking issue. It's kinda ironic that it is CH who is being called contemptuous of her readers, when it was in fact the readers who had contempt for the not-Eric bits, and for Sookie's choices in the face of harsh reality. It would be a good reason to scupper that relationship - so that because it's not a romance, the readers will be forced to concentrate on the not-a-romance bits. As they should - and that's exactly what we're going to do here, away from the wails of a thousand fangirls, all screaming out in pain, and calling Eric a saint. Here's to having dignity, and not just accepting the scraps from Freyda's table.

As for the accusation that it wouldn't be possible to build love up during one single book? Nuts to that. Dead to the World. And they didn't even say they loved one another in the book, and they certainly didn't have twelve books of slow and steady behind them. But, as we all know, I'm not likely to be quantifying love and how it works - only about how the HEA will go, depending on suitors. Which means something different if it's Sam - so we're going to go with that, as if the spoiler is true.

The exciting thing? Finally, some juicy speculation on how it's all going to turn out with Sam. With an end in mind, we've got to get Felipe off Sookie's back. As soon as Eric leaves, then Sookie has to find some way to protect herself from Felipe. Without Eric in the frame, that's when she can use more "burn it down and salt the earth" type techniques to get vampires to stay the hell away from her. Eric being in the picture had to make it all more delicate and political. After all, you can't just threaten vampire existence at random if you're going to keep it delicate enough of a thread to help your boyfriend stay alive.

Threatening to do in the vampires as a whole would really be an empty threat. Because as long as Sookie was with Eric, then that made it a political move, and everyone would know that she wouldn't jeopardise Eric's life to try and get rid of Felipe. There was a passage I really listened to before, and it's as good for Sam speculation as it was for Eric speculation. It's a really clever little bit I mostly missed, because I was concentrating on all the bits Felipe was saying, and silly me, didn't pay attention to Sookie. In trying to figure out Felipe's political machinations, I missed something very clever. Silly PMR.

When Felipe is talking to Sookie, it seems like the conversation quickly amps up in severity. Felipe doesn't seem happy with Sookie, and he lets that show in the conversation, to the point of some angry, hurtful overkill. When I started to really think about the discussion she has about Victor, that's when I started to see it. So I'm going to break it down and then explain what I see. First of all, we have Sookie already angry when she enters the conversation with Felipe. She's pissed off about Eric in the room with Kym Rowe, which sort of lends a complexion to the very tentative way that Eric and Pam approach her.

It all starts with this bit, where you can see that even Eric and Pam aren't sure if they're going to like what's coming in the face of how freaking angry Sookie was to start off with:

"...maybe you haven't considered that Victor was a huge liability
for you, too." I gazed at him. Sadly. Regretfully.
There was a moment of silence. All four vampires
looked at me as if I'd offered them a bucket of
pig guts. I did my best to look simple and sincere.

Deadlocked, p. 79

Now, it was actually the bit about her saying she was trying to look simple that started my thoughts on this one. Sincere, sure, is understandable. But it's the simple bit - I think Sookie wanted Felipe to get his hint over time, and let her say what she wanted to say. I think she wanted to have her comment sink in, so that she could get the full measure of her threat out. To get Felipe really thinking about all that she said. Which is sensible, really, because Pam tells her to look out for herself in Dead in the Family. And that's exactly what Sookie did.

So, here's the run up to what Sookie is trying to say:

"Cause I've heard from people who serve at Vic's Redneck Roadhouse,
for example, that they were underpaid and overworked, so there's a
big staff turnover. That's never good for business. And some of the
vendors haven't been paid. And Vic's is behind with the distributor."

Deadlocked, p. 79

Now, Felipe responds with asking if Sookie is giving him a lesson in economics, and takes a sip of his TruBlood in lieu of - I think - attacking Sookie. It seems to be a sort of pointed gesture, anyway - and bottled blood is the thing that keeps vampires polite and sociable company. So she's basically telling him that Victor has already made a bit of a bad name for himself with all the humans. Not only business people, but with workers. That impacts on how people are seen - thanks to how corporations treat their employees. That's the sort of thing that travels amongst people - that you could end up with a crappy, dead-end job at a fast food restaurant etc.

And that's when Sookie shows she is just as masterful as Eric at making 'tone as light as a marshmallow with a sharp blade hidden inside'.  So many things were going on in this scene that I completely missed the threat Sookie then makes when Felipe blows her off:

"No, sir, I would never do such a thing. But I know what's happening on the local
level, because people talk to me, or I hear it in their heads. Of course, observing
all this about Victor doesn't mean I know what happened to him."
I smiled at him gently.
You lying sack of shit.
p. 80

And that's when Felipe brings out the big guns and changes the subject to what a good time Eric is having with Kym Rowe and how good she smelled. I always just leapt ahead to what was happening next, without thinking about why Felipe lost his composure at this point. Why he allows himself to be sidetracked. Of course, then he makes his own thinly veiled threat about Sookie's safety:

"I'm just trying to decide how much of a thorn you are in my side now."
Deadlocked, p. 82

This is pretty much him saying he wonders if he should kill her or not - which is a huge leap from wanting to bring her to Las Vegas. Felipe has quickly gone from the position of wanting Eric out of the way so he can have at Sookie, wanting her in his state, to thinking about killing her. It may not be a threat that he can actually carry out, but the threat is still there. The fact that he voiced that threat, when it's subtly there anyway is a good thing to ponder. After all, Felipe just said:

"Horst, don't mistake Miss Stackhouse's
cheerful looks for any mental deficiency."

Deadlocked, p.81

Felipe knows Sookie is not stupid, and hence his warning to Horst not to just assume. So what's Felipe's reasoning here? What's the threat, then exactly?

What Sookie is threatening Felipe is with is the extensive human connections she has. With a well placed word in the gossiping human community, you can sure turn humans against dealing with vampires. And it's such a clever way to say it. To say "I can see in their heads, and they're not afraid of me. I can turn this against you, or I can smooth it over." That's not a threat that survives only in Bon Temps. If Felipe took Sookie to Las Vegas, he'd have to contend with her contact with humans there, too. You can't both get a telepath working for you, and keep her from humans.

As we've seen with Sookie over the course of the books, she doesn't always get the answers she needs first time out. She sometimes has to ask follow up questions. And from what Felipe has actually seen of her, there's no indication that she's infallible or psychic, as she's often assumed to be. So that means contact with humans. Since he can't read their thoughts, he really doesn't know whether or not she could be turning humans against him.

What Sookie is doing is making it clear to Felipe that she can see into people's heads, and thus, she can sway their opinions even if they don't say anything out loud. She can make sure that if something is going badly, she can make sure that people get the sort of spin that she wants them to have. That's not a lighthearted threat either - because Felipe can't actually monitor all the humans Sookie talks to in the day unless he gives her a permanent vampire escort - and even that's not foolproof either, because she can just say things to guide their thoughts - thoughts a vampire can't read.

Considering how Eric reacted to what Sookie and Felipe said, I'm sure he got what Sookie was trying to say too - and watching this little exchange amp up in horror as well:

Eric, by my side, was rigid as a statue.
I'm not sure what would have happened next,
but Bill appeared suddenly from the kitchen.

Deadlocked, p.82

CH tends to end tense standoff scenes like this - where everything is about to go to hell in a hand-basket - by interjecting something else. That's what stopped Eric raping or killing Sookie - Mickey breaking in. So that you can really think about how badly it all would have gone down if no one interrupted the whole thing. I was too busy on concentrating on the last bit that Felipe said to think about what Sookie was saying.

With that threat, Sookie can keep Felipe off her back. She plays nice, and lives in Bon Temps. She doesn't come to Las Vegas and quietly ruin everything for Felipe right under his nose. Like Pam advised her, she's looking out for herself - which is understandable in light of the fact that she took quite a big hit to the solar plexus on walking in on Eric with Kym Rowe. She doesn't necessarily need anyone else to look over her shoulder to make sure that Felipe doesn't take her anywhere she doesn't want to go, if she's already made it clear to Felipe what could happen to him if he takes her - something she can do all by herself that no one else can control or get a heads' up on.

Let me just say, that the threat Sookie made here is just as valid if she's with Eric - it just needs a bit of tweaking to fit it to the situation. How she can keep from going to Las Vegas. If nothing else, that careful threat is one of the advantages she's learnt from being around Eric - how to say something threatening - to get it out before they realise where the conversation is going. If the spoiler is wrong - and it certainly could be - then it's still an interesting passage, and sheds light on what's going on with her future under Felipe.
25th-Apr-2013 08:32 am (UTC)
If it is Sam, then that's a real googly! I don't have an issue with it (whatever makes Sookie happy) but it's also not like CH is it? I mean her other books have been slow burning ships (rather like Viking funeral boats... *waits for Thyra to tell her those burning boats were made up by Victorians*)

Did you make Anzac biscuits? One of our former bosses used to bring them in each yeah and they got called Anthrax biscuits - they were the most inedible things I've ever had the misfortune to put in my mouth.
25th-Apr-2013 09:08 am (UTC)
It is! But I think it will be just as interesting - how she navigates politics. Without Eric, it leaves her options far more open.

I think that all of the romances have been slow burning ships...until they start. Eric sort of came out of nowhere for me - I mean, yeah, Eric was on board with it, but it was all up to Sookie as to *when* that happened. If Eric does ditch Sookie for Oklahoma, I'll be glad that Sookie *doesn't* become Hadley.

But again - I don't 100% trust any spoilers that aren't official, like the Penguin synopsis. Readers are often wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time an ending is trolled. I remember when the spoiler for HP was "Harry will die" which was both true and misleading.

Man, I hate Anzac biscuits. They're hard as nails. I never make them. I mean, they're basically track biscuits for poor army guys, so unless they're dipped in coffee, they're impossible to eat.
25th-Apr-2013 09:28 am (UTC)
I think the only issue I would have with it being Sam would be how you would untie that from using the CD, it would be a bit less satisfying if there was an idea that the use of the fairy magic was what pushed them together.

And yeah, it's interesting to see Sookie's threat to Felipe made clear. She has a pretty fierce reputation I think, by this stage. And Felipe's seen her in action with Siegfried after all. He certainly wouldn't take it lightly.

Ah, ANZAC biscuits. They had them at preschool yesterday for afternoon tea. As a 'treat'!
25th-Apr-2013 09:43 am (UTC)
While part of me agrees with you on the magic issue, I also think that in light of the blood Eric and Bill have given Sookie that makes her see them as "more human" that wouldn't really be a big barrier. That's essentially a cheat sheet for them, but it wouldn't limit what I think of the actual relationship.

I talked to Mr. Minty (who is a fan of Sam) about why he thought Sam would be HEA, and he pointed out that apart from the obvious mortality issues, Sam has always been the person who helped Sookie even though he had no obligation of his own. Sam went to the Witch War meeting and the Were War all because he was interested in protecting Sookie, whereas the vampires were kinda interested in protecting Sookie, but ultimately throwing her into the deep end for their own gain. So I think like I would be likely to overlook the boost Eric gets, I'd be just as likely to overlook a subtle boost Sam might get from the cluviel dor.

I think she does - and in the prologue (which I also read) it seems that some consider opposing her as certain death. Lol. I think it would be a mistake to underestimate her and her ability to network outside her group. I think Felipe caught that threat, and almost lost his temper when he realised.

Lol - they always do. The kids made them for years at school, and I would feign sadness that they ate them all there. :D
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25th-Apr-2013 11:16 am (UTC)
Oh, wow! How many more days do we have to wait? Now I just want to know more. And are Anzac biscuits really that bad? ;)

I like this notion that Sookie is setting herself up as a known threat in Felipe’s eyes. Lol, I’m sure he hasn’t forgotten what she can do with a car, too. Those human connections haven’t come easily—built up over the course of the books—and interestingly enough, they’ve happened in part because vampires came into her life. So it wouldn’t all be for naught.

I think I can get on board with a Sam HEA (hey, he can get a lion on)--I’ll be interested to see how CH works it. If that spoiler is true, I think the worst part will be the CH hate. Ugh. It’s already ugly. JanineMNM
25th-Apr-2013 12:04 pm (UTC)
Only like 12. It's killing me. Even if this bit is true, I don't have all the other words. Anzac biscuits are sometimes okay, but they have Golden Syrup in them (which is cross between glucose and molasses) which makes them delicious and also as hard as a hockey puck. I'm a fan of the Rolled oat crunchies.

I've been thinking about that one since I listened to it the other morning, and really started thinking about it. I've been ruminating on it for a bit, but thought, well why not just chuck it in with this. If she ends up with Sam, then hey, I don't want her carted off with Felipe.

It wouldn't all be for naught - so many of her connections have built up - and without all this vampire involvement, they would have come for her anyway. And they taught her a lot about herself. As well as being a pretty cool theme in and of themselves, with lots of interesting stuff.

If it's true, I trust that it'll make sense. Of course, many Eric lovers are mad as hell and reckon they're going to not preorder, burn their books, stalk CH and send them to her. The usual "We haven't gotten to the real crazy shits yet, but we're verging on it". I do find it amusing that so many didn't want to be seen as a "Sookie hater" until now, when they're letting it show, and left their bragging to aught.
25th-Apr-2013 11:57 am (UTC) - Hmmm
From the way things are now I must say that I`m disappointed. Not because I need an Eric-HEA (I actually don`t think any of the men are good enough for Sookie) but because Sookie hasn`t shown any feelings for Sam apart from friendship and because Sam seems to prefer women who are more dangerous than Sookie. I don`t like how Sam wanted to show off Sookie to his family but really wanted to be with someone else.
But, of course, much can change in the course of a book so I`ll keep my mind as open as I can.

I agree with you, though, that I`m pleased if Sookie rejects going with Eric as his mistress. I wouldn`t have expected anything less of her, of course, but it`s still nice. But if this is what is going to happen, then Sam seems like a "second best" and not the first choice, which is not particularly good for a new relationship.

I`ve always said that, for me, a HEA is an ending where Sookie is happy. So if she seems legitimately happy with Sam, then this is a good ending for me. She`s been through so much crap - and has taken so much crap from the people around her - that she deserves to go into the sunset just a little bit happier (or a lot) than she`s been at times throughout the series. I wish her all of the best and I hope she has more than one person with her in her HEA. That means, I hope she`ll be allowed to continue the walk from the last book and have a good relationship with her friends, her brother and Hunter (well, we know she at least has a good relationship to Tara/JB and Hunter from the two short stories). Happiness is not (just) getting that hunk-of-love, it`s also having supportive people around you.

I guess what I really want is for Gran to get up from her lazy grave and be there for Sookie again. Preferably without being a zombie. Or vampire. Or anything else dead.

Thinking about it again - with Sam so unattached to any groups and being such a loner, that might be good for Sookie (if one looks away from the love-aspect of the relationship). That means that she can reject the vampires (which you showed here) but also the weres. She`ll have to be careful about how she does it, of course, them being mean killing machines and all, but it would be nice for Sookie to get away from supe politics.
25th-Apr-2013 12:19 pm (UTC) - Re: Hmmm
Well, bear in mind it might be a load of rubbish. We only have internet person's word that it's real, and I don't know them from a bar of soap. They say they're right, and they're the only person speaking - despite it apparently being released in other countries.

Ah yes, but that was before Sam died. Sam's death could have sparked a change in both Sookie and Sam. I certainly didn't expect an Eric/Sookie before I saw it on the page - even after I read ATD before I read DTTW - and my only thought was "What the fuck? There's ERIC now?!?!" So I think it's entirely possible to change Sookie's love life in one book.

Honestly, that was the ending I was dreading most. That Eric offers Mistressdom and Sookie takes it as the best she can get. I worried on occasion that I was wrong, and Sookie really would take a deal like that. I'm glad that I was right that she wouldn't.

It is. And I'm betting that if the spoilers are true, they're totally going to skip the whole bits about Eric choosing this because Sookie used the cluviel dor on Sam. Instead the spoilers are skipping that bit, and it's St. Eric time. If Eric had any kind of choice - and I do believe it's supported in the text - then effectively, *he* is happy too. He got what he wanted.

I think if Felipe takes her threat here seriously, and starts to think more of the downsides than the money, he won't push a point. Sam reinforces that point because he does have so many networks to spread shit about vampires. The shifters can't get Sam into trouble because unlike a pack, they can't be used against one another. Weres can't try to dragoon him into a pack because he's not a wolf. And with the shifter forums/database, Sam can't go missing - nor can Sookie - without anyone knowing. But at the same time, Bill is close by, and would notice and alert the local shifters if something happened to Sookie. So I can see how that would work out. And of course, the Long Tooth pack don't know that the cluviel dor was a one time thing, or probably what it was, so Sookie would probably be able to spin a line of shit to them to get them to back off - if they haven't already. Without Eric around, there's no new shit to get into.
Re: Hmmm - Anonymous - Expand
25th-Apr-2013 03:01 pm (UTC)
I'm staying skeptical. I'll be happy to concede my wrongness if "my friend, who lives in Germany, and shops at this one obscure bookstore" proves to be a valid source, but at this point it's tits or gtfo as far as I'm concerned. Show me pictures of the book, the receipt, give details about any other plot points. (I read on random-fandom that you quoted from a picture. Do you have the link?)

Maybe it's denial on my part, but I'm with Thyra... I don't care that it's not Eric so much as I have a hard time reconciling Sookie formally ending up with Sam given what has occurred in the books to date.

It's hard to think of a way this would happen naturally in so short a space of time. I just don't see how what can only amount to post- brush-with-death sex for him, and rebound sex for her, adds up to "happily ever after."

I can see why people are upset - not because the HEA isn't Eric, but because as it has been described by the people doing the spoiling, it really does seem like a forced "ah fuck you" to everyone's expectations.

I'll withhold formal judgement until I've read for myself. Of course I'll still be buying the book. The people who are busy purging their kindles of every trace of SVM right now just make me gigglesnort.

As far as Felipe goes, I agree with you, as I usually do. Sookie struck a nerve where her ability to network on the ground is concerned. The fact that she can learn the secrets of his business just through chit-chatting, the fact that with every passing month she's only becoming more and more well known and respected in the community means that she really is gaining the ability to play in the big leagues, all on her own.

Yes, he could cause her a whole lot of trouble, but so could she to him, or anyone that chose to mess with her. I do like the idea of this part resolving on that note.

Hup hup hup. Thanks for keeping me sane through book-release time!
25th-Apr-2013 04:00 pm (UTC)
I agree about staying frosty on the whole thing. And they gave plot points throughout the Amazon thread, but that doesn't mean anything. Someone who wanted to fuck with readers has had a lot of time and silence to think it all through. I'll come to random-fandom and update the links etc.

Meh, I can't say on that one. Talked marriage to Mr. Minty within a month of meeting. :D I'm not the best person on appropriate time frame. But according to the spoilers, their romance is built during DEA, rather than comes to fruition in DEA. It's left open for the future.

I think though, that it's unfair to take the last line of the book, and then say "But she didn't explain!" Yeah, she did, you knuckleheads. You just haven't read that bit yet. You skipped to the end, used the cheat sheet, and now it's complaining that the story didn't build for you? Fuck. Of course it didn't. You skipped to the damn end.

Oh, I'll still be buying the book - both ebook and paper. And praying that the ebook downloads itself early. I hope the people getting really vicious do actually give their books away to charity, as threatened, and then if the spoiler is wrong, have to buy the series again. That'll be a nice mea culpa - because I can't see any of them saying "Yeah, I was rude and overreacted."

Lol - and I usually agree with you. :D I'm thinking as I'm sitting here, that I do wonder what it is that T-Rex might have to say to Sookie based on that threat, and whether that has changed.

I think it works with either HEA, so I was glad to put some sort of substance into this post other than POSSIBLE SPOILERS.

There'll be another post up soon. This interrupted our regular schedule. :D
25th-Apr-2013 04:53 pm (UTC)
I have always leaned towards Sam because of how the Harper Connelly series ended. She had her best friend and her lover. Plus sookie can have children and be with Tara on. The front porch. I am so happy she will get the chance!
25th-Apr-2013 04:56 pm (UTC)
I haven't, I admit. I figured you wouldn't do the Sisyphean task of Eric if you didn't have to. But I presume Eric has other things to show us other than HEA.

Not only that, but she might have puffies! Cute little cuddly wumpkin puffies. Or lion cubs. :D But I should point out - this is one source. It may not be right. Don't get your heart broken if this is all lies. If it's all true, continue knitting the imaginary booties for the new cubs, which will be so cute!
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25th-Apr-2013 05:11 pm (UTC) - RachelW
On one hand, I could see Sookie leaving Eric if he can't get out of the QoO deal - "wife in the only way it matters" or no, Sookie has shown us a few times that she wants to come first. So, it's logical that she would not be a mistress or a sometimes thing for Eric. That ending makes me sad, because I really wanted these two to work it out, but I think it's consistent for Sookie's character.

But Sam? Maybe if there was some delay and they eventually rekindled things? The idea of her picking up right off with Sam, CD or no, makes me want to fling books across the room. I don't want Sookie to be alone if it can't be Eric, but it's so hard for me to imagine a quick turnaround like that with Sam as anything more than a rebound.

I'm mid reread right now, that will certainly put a spin on things, as I have never for a minute past the first/second book considered Sam as anything other than friend territory.
25th-Apr-2013 05:21 pm (UTC) - Re: RachelW
It would make me happy that she's not a Mistress at all. That would be blech.

Well, like I said above, DTTW didn't have much romance time throughout the book - over the span of three nights there's a whole bunch of die-hard Eric shippers. Just because we got to skip to the end doesn't mean that suddenly it's all not explained. We just *skipped* the explanation - so we can't really say it wouldn't make sense. If the spoilers are real, and Sookie and Sam build up over the course of a couple of months, then that will feel more firm. Particularly since if Eric leaves, Sookie's been through this before with Bill.

As I understand it with these spoilers, the relationship is sparked with Sam and Sookie, but not brought to fruition in the books - that will happen after the HEA. They just get started on the romantic bit - which will mean more than Amnesiac Eric and his complete lack of talking - Sookie and Sam already know, like and even love each other. They live in the same town, work the same job, have the same friends. It's not as if she just met Sam.
Re: RachelW - Anonymous - Expand
Re: RachelW - Anonymous - Expand
25th-Apr-2013 05:29 pm (UTC) - Where to go
Where did you read the ending? I would like to read it. I will still read the book no matter what!
25th-Apr-2013 08:05 pm (UTC)
So I have a screen cap for you, Missy. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/ThePeople/germanedition_zps5cb84659.jpg

I know it's not impossible for stuff to get leaked but I do find it improbable in this situation. And the posters in the English forum seem to be working off another Amazon reviewer - and probably used google translate to read through it. If you haven't found the original post, it's here. http://www.amazon.de/spoiler-sookies-hea/forum/Fx3KTCW9CXOQ11U/Tx3P98FTMB16CD1/1/ref=cm_cd_fp_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=0425267660

I'm not putting a lot of stock into an Amazon reviewer. And I think what you said is right, she can't confirm or deny anything but people are screaming fire! everywhere and jumping. Good riddance to them, honestly.

As to Sam, I find it unlikely primarily because of all the big relationship choicey things between her and Eric going on in the last book. There are so many correlaries to him being the opposite of Bill (as CH said, she designed him to be the opposite)that for him choosing the other woman, like Bill chose Lorena, doesn't make sense in CH's writing.

Though I don't mind some more viking lessons from Thyra!

26th-Apr-2013 05:38 am (UTC)
I got sent more spoilers - and they are in far greater detail. However, what has been published has actually been twisted a bit like the usual Chinese whispers of this fandom. In trying to summarise, they also reinterpreted with their own bias.

I think though, that on the preponderance of evidence that these spoilers are true, that doesn't mean that it couldn't happen like this. Being opposite to Bill doesn't mean he's got to be opposite everywhere. Eric feeds off others, same as Bill - and that's a big source of controversy in the fandom. It's not all about making him the absolute opposite. Or Eric would be a fairy, and Sookie would have only two choices.

The Viking lessons are a good thing. :D
25th-Apr-2013 09:37 pm (UTC) - What the What???
Don't hate me for saying this, but i kinda feel like Lady Catherine is winning keeping Darcy and Elizabeth apart.

No matter what, i'll look forward to reading this last book and the follow it up with your insightful comments.

Thanks for adding perspective and insight.
26th-Apr-2013 05:40 am (UTC) - Re: What the What???
No indication that Eric is not doing this of his own choosing. He certainly talks about it as a choice. It's too easy to blame this all on Freyda, but I don't think that's the whole truth.

I'm looking forward to it. It's gonna be a doozy, and I can't wait to read it myself. :D
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