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Characters Fleshed Out
Rather than character's flesh
This Fucking Sucks 
4th-Nov-2011 05:55 am
Show Sookie
Amen sister. Did it ever. I watched the finale of True Blood, Season Four - it rivalled The Borgias for pointless romance storylines to dumb it down for the deeply stupid people who watch television. I don't know who Alan Ball thinks are the supposed "smart people" for whom this is popcorn. Possibly Frito the lawyer on Idiocracy, when he's not 'batin'. The books, yes - they're meaty goodness I can chew on and delve into, like Book Sookie for her vampire de jour. This trash television? It's a diet pill. I don't have to think very much, and if I do, it all falls apart like Show Sookie under a micro-ounce of pressure.

I was very surprised by this episode, mainly because almost all of the spoilers that came my way were "WHY YOU NOT WITH ERIC" rage. I heard vaguely about Gran, and vaguely about Nan and Jesus, but almost everything centred around one single scene of a relationship.

Coroners 101

Dude, do you know when people die, they have to have the cause of death certified by a coroner? You can't just rock up to a funeral home with a dead body and ask if you can bury this now. Police investigate suspicious deaths - it's why the Mob hides or dumps their bodies. It's why forensic science exists. So, how the fuck did Tommy get buried? Or Marcus? Or Marnie? Or Jesus? The police aren't going to be signing off on the "psychic medium" box for cause of death. If you die by violence, like say a dead 25 year old was found on a pool table by a waitress, and looked like he'd been beaten to death, they don't release your body, allow a relative to bury it and cover it up. People actually investigate it. You know, like Andy Bellefleur.

Other shows can make entire shows out of "Shit True Blood drops the ball on". Fucking Law and Order: Bon Temps.

We're only barely working

Sookie checked in for her annual working day, and it was nice that the waitress sat down for a chat with Alcide. What happened to Season 1 Sookie mopping up tables? Why does this woman seem to come in, work hard enough to bring Alcide a drink, and then proceed to take a series of breaks? Why has no one robbed Sam yet, since he's never around? How does this man make any damn money at all? Terry and Arlene are really being fools. They should have turned this diner into their own cash cow. If this was real life, some Nigerian scammer or some squatter would have taken over the bar and called it theirs.

Sookie might be able to get a whole packet of noodles for the 15 minutes of work she did. That should feed her well - she so shouldn't have poured that blood of Eric's down the sink - she should start selling it before she has to turn to prostitution to feed herself. Must be nice to have an invisible trust fund.

On top of that, I officially hate stupid fucking Alcide Herveaux on the show now. Like overly entitled Book Alcide, now that's he's ready for a relationship, he expects Sookie to be ready. How nice for you that you've finally dumped Debbie and want to have a ride on the Sookie train. Debbie should be dead soon, so that no matter how much you say "It's finally over" it actually will be, you weak little man. How about when she says she's not ready, you have to fucking wait. If she gets together with Alcide next year, I'm going to need a stress ball. I hate that man so fucking hard.

Ghosts in the Graveyard

Well, I thought that the whole Bill and Eric, vampire martyrs was stupid last week. The season finale took the fucking cake. I actually said "What the fuck?" when the ghosts came out for the stupid talk with Marnie. Fucking ghost counselling? Are you kidding me? I just...there are no words for how motherfucking retarded that whole bit was.

Firstly it's prefaced by enduring another screaming Tara face, and more shitting our pants over vampires. Oh. My. God. I thought you'd forgotten about that endless fucking loop Henny Penny. Can we forget again? Remember, last week, with the milling around aimlessly? Could you just notice that the ones shitting their pants when you arrive are the vampires? Possibly sans pants, and definitely sans shit (although, these are the vampires that are able to be awake in the daytime, walk in the sunlight - it's entirely possible that Eric takes a huge stinky blood dump every day). Bill did make me laugh when he said he preferred Eric when he was brain damaged. Now I just want to watch Eric get brain damaged, and Bill make fun of him.

Not only did Antonia not notice Holly Of The Gurning Face putting a giant salt circle around her, but then the entire dead of the Bon Temps graveyard standby as honour guard for Antonia who does everything. And has decided that she forgives vampires, and now feels sorry for them over the course of a day. And that she loves Marnie. So stupid.

Not to mention, why the fucking hell did Antonia lay all the blame on vampires for ruining Samhain? That was what we commonly understand as "Christian patriarchy" honey. Not fucking vampires. Vampires are not behind every single bad thing that happens in the world - they're relatively powerless. That's why they're not our overlords, no matter how they try and wank on about the Authority, which has so many splinter groups and factions - and can't even control it's own populace, let alone the human race.

The Fairy Vagina

Oh how sorry we both felt for Pam. We laughed at her and everything. I don't mean laughed with her and her stupid tirade, and agreed on how lacking Sookie is, but laughed at her and the raging tantrum she had cause Eric doesn't like her any more. Wah wah. He's really going to like her better once she's ruined all his things. Seriously, it's a hundred years Pam - all this wonderful vampire freedom you told Jessica about, exactly how is this free? Running around tied to Eric's apron strings, worried he might not put you at the top of the pile - he never has. Master played you like a chump, and like a teenager, you'll stay at home and wreck your room until he starts paying attention to you.

Seriously, why are these women so damn needy? The very last thing anyone could characterise Book Pam as is "needy". I felt a bit sorry for Ginger though. I wish she'd grow some backbone and stake Pam during the day or something. Pam kicked her in the face a couple of seasons back, so even if the stupid Botox curse isn't lifted, I still say Show Pam was always rotten inside. Book Pam isn't cruel.

Supermodels just made me roll my eyes. Supermodels? Seriously? The same ones lining up around the block for a date with him? The ones who suspiciously wear eyeliner and goth clothes? He who fucks his golddigging pole dancer in his torture basement? Yeah - he's upwardly mobile, to be sure. One of the society darlings, and a real Casanova. Not only that, but "spit their bones out"? Give me a break - who wouldn't want a mind controlling cannibal as the next "Sexiest Man Alive". Even the evidence of Eric's life on the screen doesn't support this stupid hyperbole bullshit lie.

Relationships...and coats

Just so you know, I didn't hear any of the dialogue in the stupid Bill/Eric/Sookie triangle bit. I saw facial expressions and such but it's all a blur, and I didn't hear a word. Mr. Minty attempted to kill me. At the moment that we saw this shot:

Mr. Minty announced "Oh, it's okay, they've got their matching threesome coats on" and I completely lost it and laughed so hard I had tears running down my cheeks. When I finally recovered (just at the end of whatever she said to Bill) he said "It's the Supernatural Bachelorette", so I missed whatever shit she said to Eric. I laughed so hard I cried, and I didn't hear a word of whatever meaningless tripe was going to come out about the competitive bloodenings.

That's okay cause I don't care, but I have been giggling about the threesome coats all night (and am still smiling about it now).  Mr. Minty does this to me a lot when we watch television - one hell of a good reason not to watch it online. Of course, then later, I suggested that I would now try to find one of those coats so that I could put the wind up him - if you have a threesome coat, there's a message there - and he pointed out that stripes are not his thing, and he'd end up looking like Harry Potter. :D :D

If I find one of those ugly arse Granddad coats, I'm buying it. The kids will never get why I'll grin at him and ask him if he's offering every time he wears it. :D

Not the girlfriend

I don't recall Jason asking Jessica to be his girlfriend. I'm pretty sure he's just fucking you honey - he didn't ask you out on a date while he's in the middle there. I'm not clear why that needed clarification. Jason is not Hoyt - and he knows he's been roofied to want you like he told Hoyt, so empty fuck it is. Doing it in the back of his pickup on your Dad's lawn is not a traditional courtship, so I think you're safe to make it casual.

Jason has 'grown' right back to where he was in the first season. "Excellent" character arc there - so character arc-y, it's a character loop. Lather, rinse and repeat....always repeat. So Season 5 should be Jessica showing him he's valued, and then killing a bunch of people, leaving him ripe for Crystal to come back and get with the eating. I'm still crossing my fingers for that one because the rest of the season took what? a week and maybe they didn't forget about the Hotshot meth lab - and if Crystal doesn't fill up on Jason, I'd like her to consider Alcide as a side dish. He's all tasty, so entitled and selfish - nummy numms.

Well, there was a stick standing on its end on the seat, nurse, and I sat down suddenly. It wasn't sexual experimentation, honest!

What the hell was going on with the actress who played Nan? Did she actually have a stick up her bum in that scene? Did they tell her to do movement studies with a particularly belligerent chicken? She looked like the stick was so far up her bum she was worried it was going to come out her throat if she leaned too far forward. Yay for the menz finally defeating her though - and her lol "gay stormtroopers" (score one laugh for Eric). I'm not clear why either of them followed her in the first place - she gave orders with all kinds of threats, and no kinds of backup barring humans you could wipe out in a second. But it's good that the guys did it with no problems. That lippy bitch was lording it over them in the name of other men for far too long - can't have a woman in power and in control.

Now that she's gone, and the Magister is gone, the Sheriff doesn't do his job in Area Five, and the King's too busy ordering everything he saw in Guns n Ammo, the 1253 glamour vampires can have the time of their lives. They should be right to eat the hell out of Sookie and rob Merlotte's. It's so wide open for the taking, Glamour Squad. But then, so is everywhere else in Louisiana. All the sheriffs are dead or wearing their matching threesome coats and bonding, so other vampires can do whatever they like. Be happy there's no Felipe de Castro - or he'd be taking over this power-structure-less state faster than you can say "We have to kill Victor".

Of course, that's probably why Steve Newlin dropped round to Jason's for a bite to eat. You'd think some vampire would have told him not to flash fang before he got an invite, but maybe Bill was his maker and told him nothing, and like all good True Blood characters, he ain't operating under the heavy weight of logic and cunning. Luckily, he and Russell can team up as the odd couple - Russell loves gay vampire sex and Steve thinks he's going to hell for all of the above - and go on a happy forcing and killing spree. How the hell these creatures stayed in the coffin for so long is beyond me. They're not stealthy at all.

Tara - you may be missed on occasion, like when we need someone for "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong"

Why did Anna Paquin save up the best acting she's done over the course of the entire series for one last scene where Tara takes a gunshot to the head? Her contract must be up for renewal, or perhaps someone suggest she try to emote instead of pull stupid forced faces. I was expecting more of the stupid crying face she's been doing forever. Here she is, pulling out realistic looking tears - and I didn't even mind her "WRRRYYYYYY?" too much.

I thought Tara was a little silly for pushing Sookie out of the way, and obviously, it's a shame she couldn't be around for her death scene, so she could tell Sookie just like she did with Lafayette - there's no time for the grieving honey, we've got to get over this and have some inspirational speeches on the same day you stabbed your boyfriend in the heart and licked up his blood. We had no choice, us victims of trouble and the evil machinations of the menz.

And that's what they continue to be - all victims, never actors. Marnie and her group got close, but then they had to ruin all this foolish empowerment of women with making out like Marnie was just a misunderstood girl forced to listen to dead people and Marnie making sure herself to abdicate all of the other witches' responsibility by trapping the poor dears into participating. Totally not responsible - she's mad rather than bad. Except Roy - he chose it all the way. Debbie too is all high on V, and again, mad and not bad. The "good girls", they're just victims of circumstance. There's no controlling what men will do to them - and they never do for themselves. Even Antonia found out she was just a misunderstood mad woman. Arlene persisted in her trend of not being responsible for stuff that goes wrong in her life - serial killer boyfriend is still running it from beyond the grave, and now he's going to force evil on her head. No woman is truly evil - she's just shaped that way through years of being a goddamned victim.

So True Blood continued it's unending disempowerment of women, making sure that none of them were anything other than a variety of victims, each with a different pretty dress. Bravo Alan - four years running consistency. That's something all of us can aspire to.

...........Unless we're women.

And just in case that left you feeling a little down about the state of women, another picture to buck you up. tigerjan110 made a hilarious comment - "Like since Vamp Eric's apparently gotta have Sookie by his side all the time in case hunger strikes, maybe Human Eric keeps a chicken on a leash and a Foreman for quick grilling. If that's too fancy, maybe he keeps a large supply of tater tots in his pocket, a la Napoleon Dynamite." It called for me to shoop it. Enjoy:
3rd-Nov-2011 09:46 pm (UTC)
Lol, and lol some more. I just laughed so much reading this. And the angry bits were awesome too, you're so good at ranting :D Some highlights would have to be Law and Order: Bon Temps, your encouragement of Crystal to eat Alcide, your the continued (and well founded) belief in the Glamour Squad, and of course the matching threesome coats. Oh, can't forget the picture of Askars with his cute pet chicken he likes to snack on :D

It was totally worth sitting through season 4 for this. Well, this and naked Askars - yes, I do feel bad for being a drooling fangirl :(

4th-Nov-2011 05:36 am (UTC)
:D I'm glad I made you laugh. :D I just hope someone or something eats Alcide, and soon, or I'm going to be just so angry all the time. Alcide on screen was a hair's breadth away anyway for his stupid Book persona. Once I saw that match up, I wanted to kill him.

I spent at least 10 minutes asking Mr. Minty if we could get a chicken on a leash, and why it wasn't cruel to put a chicken on a leash. I would love a chicken on a leash. :D But I can buy a nice threesome coat.

*Strokes fangirl head* Awwww. I'm sure he's going to be screwing someone else next season, and be all naked again.
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3rd-Nov-2011 10:18 pm (UTC)
Yeah, last night I was on a plane with two tired kids and a husband recovering from pneumonia. Possibly that was more entertaining than the final of True Blood, I just...well I think the only way they can redeem it is if next season we just see Bill and Eric on the run, sniping at each other and stopping at small towns to help people while under assumed identities. I mean, it will still be total crap, but at least it won't be trying to be anything other than crappy TV and all the female characters can be totally disposable.

Back to the suitcases. Ugh. Might have been better if they'd just lost them in transit. Plus I'm still on Queensland time and kind of missed some sleep somewhere :)
4th-Nov-2011 05:43 am (UTC)
I would be into that. At least if they're not going to work at all, they could have some excitement that way, instead of passing so close by work and not actually going in to have a look at stuff. They could be awesome vigilantes - like the Hulk, in a totally cheesy way.

And if they're together, they could have some great slash scenes where both of them get naked, and just before their mouths crash into one another's, they could utter "Only for Sookie" or whatever catchphrase they want to give, and the stupid suitor music could swell in the background. Fans would be happy, and Alan wouldn't have to write about all these females and how they couldn't fight their own way out of a wet paper bag.

Poor Ooshka. :(
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4th-Nov-2011 06:21 am (UTC) - This did fucking suck!
This season sucked so much I could only watch each episode if I was belligerently drunk. (honest to god) It got worse with every passing episode none of it made any sense. Thanks to the fact that I can't leave well enough alone I've been reading up on season five and it already sounds like it's gonna be a total mess. I hear instead of adding Quinn into the mix next season they are going to have her hook up with Alcide! Fucking Alcide apparently AB hates the Quinn character so he's going to have them hook up next season. I think I'm done! Shark jumped...
4th-Nov-2011 08:09 am (UTC) - Re: This did fucking suck!
Lol - and then that would make you even more belligerent. Oh the ranting at your house would have been a sight to behold. :D

It's like poking a sore tooth. Even though you know it's going to hurt, you just can't help but find out how bad it can get. I'm familiar with that - but I'm fine with watching the show because it hasn't been vaguely close to the books since Season 1.

Oh yeah - that makes sense. Let's hate Quinn, and favour Alcide. Quinn is nowhere near the same amount of doucheturd Alcide is.
4th-Nov-2011 09:46 am (UTC)
LOL, PMR. I'm not sure True Blood is even worth the effort that went into this epic rant, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.:)

Of all the fuckery this season, the thing that sticks in my craw the most is the complete and total degradation of Pam at a time when, if the books were being considered at all, the opportunity was there to push her through to a fuller characterization. I have always compared Show Pam unfavorably with her book counterpart, who manages to be totally kickass while exhibiting a kind of oddly whimsical charm. But Show Pam, as you say, is mostly...cruel. She's increasingly nasty and mean, and this season revealed an ugly streak of misogyny as well. This is what passes for female 'strength' on True Blood. I've enjoyed a few of her bon mots, but in her way, she's now been proven to be just as much of a weakling as Show Sookie, crying because a guy who's just not that into her found somebody new, and having no life outside of him. And they have the nerve to blather on about how they've got two new strong female characters coming next season. Hello! You already had several strong female characters built in, and you did everything you could to cut them off at the knees. DISGUST.

When Sookie was feeding Frick and Frack, I kept waiting for her to pass out or go into shock. Not because of Anna Paquin's poorly rendered expressions of ecstasy (though one could understand how those could be misconstrued as indications of an imminent loss of consciousness) but because if you had two ravenous vamps feeding on you at once, wouldn't you be losing at least a couple of pints of blood in an extremely short amount of time? They didn't even give her a cookie and some orange juice afterward!:D

- Emma
4th-Nov-2011 10:05 am (UTC)
More worthy than The Borgias, which only had Jeremy Irons to save it - and it didn't make the grade.

Oh yes - Pam is the thing that bothered me the most. It frustrated the hell out of me that they just ruined her so thoroughly. I don't know why they think cruel petty women concerned with their looks are "strong" because there's nothing strong about being cruel and petty. It's even worse - Show Sookie can claim she's only 23, but Pam is 100 years plus - what the hell is her excuse for never ever changing? As for strong female characters? Give me a break. I haven't seen one who isn't completely undermined at some stage by being a victim and who isn't defeated by a man.

Lol at Frick and Frack. Yes - I don't see that as 'erotic' so much as 'anaemic'. Not only was it not sexy having her do the pelican with wings outstretched, but they would take too much blood - just the right time for a good old relationship chat. But this is no nevermind to Sookie the bloodbag, with her unending fountain of sunlight giving blood.
4th-Nov-2011 10:57 am (UTC)
LOL I can't stand Alcide or Quinn. I think I'd rather see Quinn though. And I really can't stand Quinn.

Tara's coming back. She could be a zombie or a vampire. I did notice all these hints at zombies through out the season. Great now she'll bitch and scream about that. I hope she doesn't live at Sookie's in Eric's hidey hole. Tara will never leave if she's a vampire! I would guess it would be Russell to be her maker along with Steve Newlin. LMAO
LaLa should get a room next to his mom. Especially if Tara's gonna be complaining to him.
Even the background music sucked. Except maybe 2 or three songs
4th-Nov-2011 11:09 am (UTC)
Lol - you hate him less than Alcide. I don't mind him - he's honourable and harmless, for the most part.

I heard - that's most of the spoilers I've been getting. But she could be a ghost like Gran or Jesus. Otherwise why set up the elaborate Lafayette is a medium shit? Now they'll be able to go into Henny Penny loops about how vampires are going to KILL THEM ALL AND CAN'T BE DEFEATED AND WILL NEVER FORGET, until they wind down and the vampires forget. And Lafayette will be able to do it all the time which should be a true joy. Tara will possess him occasionally for inspirational chats to people about how it's been 15 minutes since you killed your love, and we need to move on.

I've never really liked the music. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had the best music ever.
4th-Nov-2011 11:01 am (UTC)
"Other shows can make entire shows out of "Shit True Blood drops the ball on". Fucking Law and Order: Bon Temps. "

Yes, please :-D
4th-Nov-2011 11:11 am (UTC)
Lol - Mr. Minty liked that idea too. :D It'd have nicely tied up storylines, and there's no shortage of crimes. Hell, they could even have an SVU offshoot - plenty of rape victims to go around.
4th-Nov-2011 09:26 pm (UTC) - Can you please add a warning sign before a post like this?
So then I won't read it when I need to pee - having tears of laughter running down my face accompanied by aching ribs don't help when I need to pee! You're so bad when you're angry:D
I think ABalls watched too much Dukes of Hazzard as a small boy. I can just see him telling the writers 'can't we put Sookie in s'more hot-pants' and 'make sure the boys get all the action/lines and hot cars!'.
His other rule of thumb seems to be 'what would be really good for the plot is..... get the cast nekkid!'. Saves a fortune on the pesky wardrobe department as they don't have to spend hours rubbing Hotshot undies into the dirt or shopping for ugly arse grandad coats:D [That was the bit where my bladder gave way due to the aforementioned aching ribs!]
Alcide does deserve a special mention - so does Debbie for putting up with him. Good job he has little dialogue because all he's good for is pulling his pants down and flashing his freaky six/eight pack, or whatever it is. Mr E thankfully has more of a Party Seven ;) I would call his acting wooden - but then that's offensive to puppets.
I wish one of those 1253 Glamour Squad vamps would pop round to my house & erase the memory of S4.
Don't know how I will survive the wait for S5 - maybe I'll try regenerating the brain cells I lost watching S4:D
5th-Nov-2011 03:40 am (UTC) - Re: Can you please add a warning sign before a post like this?
Mr. Minty tries to kill me, I pass it on.

Sookie wasn't in enough hot pants this season, let's face it. If I had to marvel at her arse hanging outta her pants, then I would have something else to write about. If she's not going to say anything of note, put her in different costumes every single week. "This week, Sookie dresses up as Carmen Miranda and shakes her maracas in the background while we marvel at the awesome that is naked menz".

I don't mind the nudity, probably because I've been watching foreign films. But it does seem like the guys are fashion plate Chippendale dancers ready to strip off in a heartbeat. I can't say I thought it was vaguely hot that Askars, with his sockless junk was rubbing up against Moyer's wife, while Moyer watched. I think this accounts for the bizarre position in those scenes - because it would be difficult getting a stiffy rubbing up against the wife of your good friend.

I would be fine if Alcide was reduced to a series of grunts. It might help me like him more. But I do think that Crystal could totally get wicked ab powers if she ate him, and nourished those baby panthers with "I am a total puss out".

The Glamour Squad would come around, but they're going nuts right now in Louisiana. Season 5 should be sure to get me nice and angry because I hate Alcide so damn much. He won't be able to put a toe out of line. I'll call him on it! I will!
5th-Nov-2011 12:44 am (UTC)
Actual conversation with my mother while she was catching up on S4, occurring mid-episode 2:

Me: [points at Eric onscreen] Enjoy him while he lasts. He's about to have his balls lopped off.
Mum: I can't imagine he'd enjoy that.
Me: [looks thoughtful] We-ell, Book!Eric, maybe, but this one seemed to like it well enough.
Mum: Oh dear.

She has since given up (after episode 3, I think). When she told me she wasn't sure she could keep going, I said it was alright, since S4 was all kinds of fucked up.
5th-Nov-2011 03:42 am (UTC)
Lol - yes indeed. And he found ways to bring his lack of balls into the whole thing. It's nice to see that some fanfic writers have the same interpretation as Alan Ball does. Amnesiac Eric = An Angel descended from Heaven.
5th-Nov-2011 09:44 pm (UTC) - This Fucking Sucks
Oh…the laughs are good here. ;) And that is one fine-looking chicken with a side of tater tot goodness. Lol. Love it. JanineMNM
5th-Nov-2011 11:45 pm (UTC) - Re: This Fucking Sucks
I tried to shoop a Swedish hen (because obvious, it's all about the Scandinavian references when it comes to Eric - he has Ikea furniture etc) but the hen just didn't stand right.
6th-Nov-2011 12:38 am (UTC) - This Fucking Sucks!
Boy does it ever. I told ya the last episode was the icing on the cake. You already know my opinion about this season from the last post you wrote. As always a great post Peppermintyrose I agree wholeheartedly!
6th-Nov-2011 03:11 am (UTC) - Re: This Fucking Sucks!
Lol - that you did. It was vague enough though that I was completely surprised, and utterly flabbergasted. You said it was bad, but that just doesn't really encompass the craptacular shitology that was the last episode. :D
7th-Nov-2011 01:35 pm (UTC)
I only watched the "couch" scenes once and am still cringing. Unbelievable...........really needed the vomit bucket near by. Will I watch season 5? Maybe if I'm feeling I need some Skarsporn, maybe not. I like your idea of the matching threesome coats........maybe it will catch on!!!!
8th-Nov-2011 12:13 am (UTC)
I was just lucky enough to laugh all the way through the couch scene.

You should buy two coats, I'm thinking. Give one to the husband, and have one in waiting. :D Then subtle like, don a guest in it. :D
7th-Nov-2011 06:13 pm (UTC)
I was thinking about Sam a bit during the supposed to be heart warming speech. I'm going to secretly go with the idea that Sam took Tommy, dug the grave himself and put him in there. Then sometime the next day (because ordering a tombstone and having it carved only takes a few hours) ordered the tombstone and had his sweet little service. Those things don't take any time to organize at all.

Sookie only works at Merlotte's when it's convenient.Like she only knows she has telepathy when it's convenient. Or that she can do the special glowey fingers when it's convenient. The magic light can make things explode AND remove curses? No way! Silly, silly Pam. Since you're so mean to Sookie she won't be zapping you any time soon. Everything about Pam and her dialogue is a walking contradiction. It's amazing still the words coming out of mouth still make complete sentences, since it's clear she's drunk the kool aid.

LOL at the threesome coats. It's a good thing you didn't hear what Sookie said. I thought my ears would start bleeding. It's pretty clear though that Sookie's just as hooked on the orgasms from feeding as they are on getting some of her crack blood.

I don't understand how Nan can be using humans as bodyguards. It makes no sense whatsoever. At this point I wouldn't mind some Spanish intervention. Louisiana needs a good kick in the butt without any sheriffs or authorities.

The ghost group of forgiveness was just awful. Nothing that Marnie said in her little speech of crazy explained her initial actions. Why can't they leave characters dead where they belong? Ghost Godric, Ghost Gran, Ghost Jesus, Tara will be back next season so either she'll be a ghost or a vampire.

I feel like telling Sookie to invest in a oujia board.
8th-Nov-2011 12:18 am (UTC)
But Maxine came along. And so did Luna. And it was in a cemetery. They don't just dig holes there and chuck people in them. If it was out in the woods like Buffy's grave, that would be understandable.

Well you wouldn't want her to ruin plots by being consistent.

The coats are good - we should institute a formal system - any two men in an empty house wearing ugly coats - you can take them both to bed without needing some long winded speech about how it's fine if you screw them both.

Well, there's like one fangbanger on the show now - you need some different kind of race traitor - and who better than humans shooting humans for their vampire masters.

I vote for ghost. Now Sookie will have convenient flashbacks to the plot in her kitchen all the time.
8th-Nov-2011 12:44 pm (UTC)
Omg, I'm so pleased you messaged that to me. It's been a hell of a month here, and I'm all behind on blogs and fanfic. But Askars with a leashed chicken made my morning.

It truly was the most ridiculous finale I've ever seen. A little info on next season has come out and it doesn't sound much better. Or rather, it's looking to be just as awesomely bad.

I liked the threesome coats though. I mean, not that I liked them all wearing them, I just thought they were nice jackets. I'd kind of like one, but not if the whiney vamps come with it.
8th-Nov-2011 03:54 pm (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad I made you happy - I didn't want you to miss Askars with a chicken on a leash. He has sustenance - and your hilarious comment repeats in my head whenever I see Eric needing Sookie next to him on a nightly basis.

If it hold with the last episode, it will be awesomely bad. And I will rant about damn Alcide every week. I betcha he breathes in every episode, which means Ima go orf.

Lol - I don't think anyone wants the whiny vamps in the coats. I hated them, but I'm sure some people, like your lovely self, they're just the thing. And to be a proper threesome coat, one must buy two. Give one to your husband, and leave the other one unfilled as a reminder. :D
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