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Characters Fleshed Out
Rather than character's flesh
Master Post Post 
15th-Mar-2010 10:53 pm
I kept getting annoyed at having to find the post that I wanted to find, by scrolling backwards through my own posts. Particularly when I interlink my posts, and I know what I want to refer to. This way I can find this one, and all is solved. Hence linkage.

So I'm going to link here, and since I wanted it, you guys got it.

Firstly, searching my LJ for keywords, which is on my userinfo page

Secondly - very important post - I recommend going anon to post comments here.

Thirdly - second most important post on commenting here - Team Sookie forever

Fourth - if LJ is timing you out, there is a read-only mirror here.

Fifth - be aware that while I quote book pages, this could be only an approximation of what's in your books. Some I have are electronic copies, and some are Australian reprints. Some are hardcover, and some paperback. There's no universal place they print books so they're all the same. I give you page numbers with hopes you can find it yourself, and so I can quote and not feel bad about it.

Now to the posts, with a quick blurb for the rest of you:

Holy Flurking Snit! You're Not Dead - Is PMR dead, or just a bitch?

The Real Light of Tolerance - The fandom is just the place to demand tolerance, isn't it?

The Slave Trade - Is Eric a sex slave?

Wish Versus Wish - Wasn't Copley's request of the Devil redundant?

Personal and Political Boundaries - How is Sookie protected from supe predation after DEA?

True to Form - Was Eric out of character in DEA?

Please Exit the Ride and Beware Fangirl Unfairness - Did you love DEA?

Brace for Impact....Squee Level Defcon2 - Ready for DEA?

What Goes Around... - What about misogyny in the fandom?

People Losing Their Damn Minds - What little tidbits do you have for us today?

Her Felipe's Futures - What do you think about the giant spoiler on the net?

PMR reads BDB - How does Dark Lover reflect in sexist stereotypes in fanfic?

Strong Female Characters - First in the Sexism series. What makes a "strong female character"?

Troublesome Telepathic Types - Sookie is the source of trouble, right?

Show and Tell - What do you think of the criticisms you read about CH?

Hadley: The Preferred Sookie - Who does the fandom have as Sookie's role model?

And She Facepalms - What could be the consequences of using the cluviel dor as revealed by the text of If I Had a Hammer?

A Most Shocking Turn - What's your speculation on one of the central mysteries in Dead Ever After?

The Stink Pig - Can you tell me how much you hate Alcide?

No Little Arms Here - How do you think Eric can get out of the contract with Freyda?

Cluviel Dor Set to Live - Sam's evil, right?

Deconstructing a Deal - So how'd Appius Livius Ocella make this deal in the first place?

All or Nothing - Can Eric go to Freyda and then come back?

Get a Job, Hippie - Will Eric ever quit as Sheriff and get a real job?

Next Year - Season Finale in a Foundry - What did you think of Season Five True Blood finale?

AB & Me - Ruiners - Wimmens are evil on True Blood right?

The End is Nigh - What's your first tentative speculation on Dead Ever After spoilers?

Foot Fetishist in Da House - It's ending soon, right?

Really No H8? - What is the conception of LGBT folk in SVM fanfiction?

Needs MOAR Wang - The tension is building in the show, right?

Illusion of Control - Mr. Cataliades has the magic bullet for Sookie's telepathy, right?

Eric's Price of Life is A Couple Hundred Dead Babies - The season will be over soon - we can hope, right?

Test of a Prince - What do you think of Niall telling Eric about the cluviel dor?

Next time, I want SMoyer piggybacking Askars - Why do you think the writers of True Blood are the ones taking illicit substances?

Licence to Kill - Do vampires have rights to murder people whenever the mood takes them?

I Think AB Wants Us to Buy Budweiser - What do you think of the episode Alan Ball wrote personally?

Weeping Willa - Sookie is a big one for crying all the time, throwing tantrums and avoiding things, right?

Even the Title Mentions Vomiting Now? - What do you mean the most enjoyable thing was the song in the closing credits?

Born to Greatness...with a Long Line of Stupids - You mean you're still watching that crap?

The Sooner to Feel the Love - What is going on with Freyda?

The Season of the Slut - You thought Ghost Daddies was bad?

Happy Enough After - Would Sookie be more happy being alone?

So Much Silver - Wow, ranting this early in Season five of True Blood can't be a good thing, right?

A Failing Grade - Does Eric really have a choice on the whole Freyda thing?

Loving the Raw Dark of the Soul - What dark depths are portrayed on the page?

Punishment or Community Service? - How can Sookie get Felipe to rescind any punishments pending in Deadlocked?

They get to you...through your family - What's going on with the Shreveport vamps to circumvent Freyda and Felipe?

Fealty and Feelings Divided - What's going on with Eric in Deadlocked?

The Logic Stick - What are some of the silliest pet theories about Deadlocked?

Not a Sly Dog - What's the dealio with Sam in Deadlocked?

Actual Equal Treatment - Eric and Sookie equally fucked up in Deadlocked, right?

How to tell you have a HEA - Have Eric and Sookie improved their relationship in Deadlocked?

Let the Squeeing Begin - What's your initial impression of Deadlocked?

The Favour - Why is it a good thing for Eric that Sookie didn't turn vampire?

Side Story Spice Snippets - What can side stories about Dahlia and Sean tell us about the main canon?

With a little creative jiggling - What's one way Sookie could stymie Eric's marriage to Freyda that no one's thought of before?

Picking Sides - What do you think is going on with Niall in the first chapter of Deadlocked?

Sookie and Sam look like HEA - What do you think about the spoilers you've heard for Deadlocked?

Deep Impact - How do I write a character people will care about?

Smarter Sookie - How do I write a smarter Sookie?

Bill Compton must die! - Why don't you think Bill and Sookie will get back together?

Lie to Me - Why doesn't Sookie ask more questions and get definitive answers from Eric?

Telepathic Growing Pains - What do you think will happen to  Hunter?

What's a Stevedore? - Do you think SVM will end just like Gone with the Wind?

This Week in Fanfic...Damns Not Given - What do you do when you see a rape-as-romance?

Political Animals and Dark Horses - Those shifters are shifty, amirite?

Timing is Everything - What do you think is the timeline for the events in Club Dead?

More Deader in my Hair! Ack! - Fuck, PMR, take a Deadlocked speculation and stick to it, will you?

Change Not Growth - How do you think Sookie will realise change in Deadlocked thanks to the excerpt?

Ack! There's a Deader in my Hair! - What is your wildest speculation thanks to the excerpt of Deadlocked?

The Leading Lady - What's going on with Sam and Jannalynn?

Message in a Mustapha Bottle - What do you think Pam meant in the excerpt of Deadlocked?

Cohabitation Commiserations - Do you think Eric and Sookie will live together?

Fa-Heir-ys Apparent - What do you think about Dermot and the excerpt of Deadlocked?

Fairies Up First - Have you read the excerpt of Deadlocked?

Life and Death - What do you think about Niall and the fairy agenda in general?

Sooner or Later - So now you've had time to think, what do you think Freyda's end game is?

Comfort Food - What about when I'm in the mood for something different?

Lost in Translation - Should I use Google translate for my fic?

Heart of a Tiger - What is the best quality of Quinn's that Eric steals in fanfic?

Shades of Grey - Why is polarisation a problem when discussing things?

This Fucking Sucks - What do you say when True Blood double jumps that shark and tries to marry it?

The Hard Bite - What do you think of the most controversial scene in Dead Reckoning?

So it finally jumped the shark - What do you think of True Blood by Season 4, episode 11?

Don't Fear the Reaper - Will Sookie and Eric be together forever?

Growing Up Gran - How did Adele bring Sookie up in a way that was essential?

Rape-as-Romance - What do you think of the phenomenon of romances forged with rape and abuse?

Vamps Before Vlad - What was it like for vampires before Vlad Dracul's death?

A World of the Mary Sue Erics - What about writing original characters?

Life In The Coffin - How did vampires interact with humans in Pre-Revelation times?

Pride, Rejection and Emotional Cowardice - What do you think of Eric's emotional bravery?

Wrongs Made Right - How do you think the cluviel dor will be used?

Intelligence Gatherers - Who do you think are the spies for Victor and against Victor?

King Bill - What do you think of Season 4, 4 episodes in?

Them Crazy Shippers - Should I follow advice in reviews unequivocably?

Peas in a Pod - Why do you think Eric is HEA guy?

The First Vampire ever loved - What's your opinion on Bill?

Mainstreaming Mainly Mocked - Does Eric drink TrueBlood?

Gender Bias in True Blood - Why will you always be a bookie?

Being Sheriff of Area Five - What does Eric's job entail exactly?

Sookie vs. Sookie - Is there a difference between True Blood Sookie and Sookie from the books?

The Measure of Maturity - What is the standard of maturity for Sookie to achieve?

Sookie's learnings. Let me show you them - How have Sookie's relationship smarts changed over time?

Imagination vs. Show - Why doesn't True Blood resemble the books as much as book fans would like?

Progressive, yes? - Why do series get darker?

Sookie the Shut in and her Clayton's Security - Locking Sookie up in her house is safe, right?

Telepath for Hire - Will Sookie ever get her finger out and work as a professional telepath?

Eulogy of a Fairy Godmother - Why did CH kill off Claudine?

Felipe's Leap - What is going to happen to Eric since he killed Victor in Dead Reckoning?

Betrayer or Blabbermouth? - What do you think of what Amelia did in Dead Reckoning?

Claude Stripped Down - What do you think Claude's ulterior motive for staying with Sookie in Dead Reckoning is?

Bond, James...I mean Broken Bond - What do you think about the bond being broken in Dead Reckoning?

The Seven Signs of Sookie Hate - How does Sookie hate happen?

Sookie the Supe - When will Sookie realise she's a supernatural creature?

Turning Points - Are Eric and Sookie going to break up post Dead Reckoning?

Angels and Demons - What do you make of Mr. Cataliades post Dead Reckoning?

Fae Time Shenanigans - When exactly do you think Niall and Eric were spying on Sookie?

The Queen's Consort and his Wife - How is Sookie and Eric's relationship going in Dead Reckoning, and what does Freyda want?

Fanfic Futures - Place your bets - What's your initial thoughts on Dead Reckoning, and what stupid plots will exist in fanfic?

Vampire Supermen Party - What are the sociological underpinnings for vampire superiority in fanfic?

Like Hotel California....but with beatings - Could Sookie ever get away from the supernatural world?

Plenty Gracious - Is Sookie gracious for all the help she's received from vampires?

Rules and Living in Fear - Which rules should Sookie follow to be safe?

I spy Espionage - Is it easy to sniff out a spy?

Rape Rarely Referenced - Is Bill's rape of Sookie dealt with in the text?

Undead Suckie - What would happen if Sookie was made vampire?

Change in the Wind - Will Eric ever be King?

The Travelling Sookie Show - Does Sookie run?

It's.....Pamalicious - What is the relationship like between Eric and Pam, and how does Sookie factor in?

How to Get Reviews - Really PMR, you thought poking a sharp stick at the review issue was a good idea?

Telepathic Bitches - How is internal conflict necessary to stories, and how should it be treated?

The Waitress' Supe Best Friend - Will Sookie and Sam ever end up together?

The Talk - When is Eric and Sookie's talk coming?

PMR gets a peen? - Does not wanting to be a vampire make Sookie a vamp hater?

Knot Tying 101 - Will Sookie ever get married in a Church?

Offerings Often Obstructed - Does Sookie refuse gifts?

Virgins Valued Via Vampirism - Is virgin blood the best?

Fair Use and Fairly Using - Should writers wholeheartedly crap on the original author?

Pets, Vampire Etiquette and Royalty - What was the Queen's plan and what do vampires expect in human companions?

Happy Valentines....the bond is not romantic - Why would CH be okay with getting rid of the bond?

Suitor Wars, Fangirls and Fear - Why is Eric written soooo crappily?

The Legend of Sookie: Poor writing in fanfic - Why is Sookie written soooo crappily?

Talkative...like a rock - What is Eric hiding at the end of DITF?

The Making of Eric: Appius v. Godric - Why shouldn't I avoid Eric's history of abuse?

The Genesis of the Lie of Vampire Superiority - How do vampires cope with killing?

On Writing Sympathetic Humans - How can Eric and all the other vampires really be scary?

On Writing Vampires - How can I write vampires people want to read?

Not Writer Paradise - Reader Heaven - How does the positive review culture fail writers?

Glamour-less, not glamorous - Telepathy is a gift, isn't it?

The Real Lucky One - What would happen if Eric broke up with Sookie?

Chasing the HEA dragon - How will the books ending play out?

So you'd like to see Sookie raped for years on end? - How is rape dealt with in the SVM universe?

Problematic Pretentious Paternalistic Protectors - Would Book Eric have acted like True Blood Eric?

Billution and Billsorbency - What do you mean you read Bill fic?

She has a God shaped hole....in her vagina - Is Sookie a jealous person?

Come on vampire writers, gimme something with bite - You mean you don't like easy storylines?

Mr. PMR is an etymological punk - Does Stockholm Syndrome work for love affairs?

The bizarre nature of reviewing - What do you think about reviewing?

How to get a megaton of reviews and coincidentally bore me to death - How do I write completely crappy fanfic to save myself time?

If you've come here... - Are you leaving Fanfic.net?

Themes - What are Mr. Minty's initial thoughts on the books?

Other Miscellaneous Posts - I probably won't link these, but screw going through that list again:

The case of the death of my fish - What do you mean your husband killed your fish?

Twitter Tribulation Tale - Why did you unfollow me on Twitter?

The Horrors of SVM Fanfic - What Monsters are there in Fanfic?

Alan Ball robbed us - Which is the hottest vampire?

Wow. Just wow. - What's the toughest community?

12 Days of Christmas PMR style - What random shit do you think at Christmas?

Saint Eric - Why did you run that contest?

Saint Eric is gone - What happened with that contest anyway?

Victoly! Don't call me a fangbanger! - What name do you hate being called in this fandom?

Tis the Season - What should I cover before the first chapter?
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